Italy Test: Italy vs. Croatia: Test Match Preview

Italy Test: Italy vs. Croatia: Test Match Preview

Italy’s Test against Croatia is one of the most important in the tournament, and as we will see below, this is the most interesting match in the group.

It could be a test match between two teams in a very close series, but it could also be a true test for how far Italy can go with their new formation.

The first thing we need to look at is the shape of the pitch, which is a very basic 3-4-3.

There is a gap in the middle of the field between the two sides, which looks like the centre of the Italian midfield.

The Croatian midfield are looking at a gap, and the Italian forwards are also looking at this gap.

Italy are in a bit of a tricky situation.

Their defensive shape is very similar to the formation they had in the 2015 World Cup, but their shape is quite different from what they had last year.

This looks like a 4-4‑2.

However, as you can see from the diagram below, the Croatian midfield is aligned slightly higher than their midfield.

This means that the Croatian midfielder has a more central position to the ball, and he has a much higher pressing role.

It is not as obvious, but there is a huge gap between the Croatian and Italian lines, which makes it difficult for the Croatian forwards to get into space and take advantage of the space.

The Croatia defenders, therefore, are forced to be more cautious, which means that they have to be far more careful with their positioning and positioning themselves around the ball.

Italy’s forwards have two players who are in possession of the ball and are able to move around the pitch.

This is not to say that these players cannot get forward and attack, but they have a much bigger responsibility in keeping the ball as close to the opposition as possible.

The best players in the Italian team are not just forwards, but also wingers and full backs.

In other words, these players have to play very high up the pitch and provide a lot of cover.

It also helps to see that the two wingers are in the same position, but the wingers also have an attacking role.

As you can imagine, this formation is very complicated, so the players must understand the nuances.

For example, in this screenshot, we can see the two centre backs, who have a bit more space between them than the midfielders.

This gives them an opportunity to play with the ball more freely, and to attack from the centre.

The two wingbacks, who are both slightly further forward, have space between themselves and the ball in the centre, which allows them to get forward, but does not allow them to attack the ball too freely.

In fact, the two defenders are actually in a much better position to attack, as they have less space between the lines and the centre backs have less cover.

Italy are very comfortable playing this shape, and their defensive structure has been a huge part of their success in recent tournaments.

They were the most accurate and most accurate team in the first round, winning their group against Croatia, and they played very well in their last match against France.

If the team can continue to find their form, and find a bit better balance between the pressing and defensive play, Italy could be in a good position to win this match.

There are two important points to note from this match:First, Italy are not looking to score goals.

They are not trying to force Croatia to concede a goal, but rather to win the game.

They have created lots of chances for themselves, and when they win the ball back, they are very dangerous.

This makes them very dangerous to Croatia.

The other important point is that Italy are playing very defensively, which helps to make the Croatian defence less susceptible to attacks.

Italy have been playing very well defensively in the past, but when they are playing well, they create many chances, and it allows the Croatian players to play a bit deeper.

In short, this makes Croatia’s defence more vulnerable to attacks, which gives them more chances to win.

Italy have an excellent defence, and this is one area that Croatia could exploit.

In this screenshot below, we see that Croatia are looking to press very high and move the ball forward.

However as we can clearly see, Italy have created more space for the ball to pass through and to move forward, and have more players in position to help.

This shows that Italy can be dangerous, and can play a 4‑3-3, which creates a lot more space, and gives them the ability to move the play around.

But Italy have a huge advantage when it comes to possession, and that is the way they play.

This allows them the space to get the ball over the defence, without being too aggressive with their pressing.

They can play the ball into space, which opens up opportunities for the team to win a ball back.


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